Our Tribe

We’re different!

Stereotribes isn’t about getting lost in the crowd. We never lose sight of the people who make up our communities.

Our emphasis stays on the genuine support that comes from within these tribes that we take the time to nurture and develop.

That’s why we call it tribefunding. We make people feel part of something real, something vital, long before and long after they’ve made their contributions to a campaign.

Turbocharge your music

We offer next level support to artists and fans to create a meaningful dialogue between the two. On Stereotribes you can feature your campaign, giving you more attention-grabbing presence on our main site and a place in our featured section.

We’ve also partnered with a local marketing agency with real world experience in bringing music to those who want to hear it. They offer exclusive, affordable packages to help give your campaign an extra boost.

We also recognise the importance of a great video pitch to any tribefunded campaign. To help you stand out, we’ve partnered with a video agency who provide custom assistance to campaigners. They’ll even review your pitch video and give you some tips free of charge!

Then there’s our patented Social Amplifier. This dashboard allows you to manage and schedule social media posts as your campaign reaches funding milestones. Send fully customised messages to your followers, thanking them for their support as you continue on your musical journey.

Reap the rewards

Rewards are a great way of showing supporters how much their help is appreciated, and a big part turning surfers into project funders. Stereotribes lets you search for campaigns based on rewards and see what catches your ear.

The tribe looks after its own! We offer you the chance to win awesome Stereotribes prizes and tickets to exclusive events. Funding a campaign also enters you into these regular prize draws and might even net you a spot in our winners’ hall of fame!

Reach enlightenment

Education is at the centre of what we do. We want to give people the power to make their creative urges a reality, and knowing is half the battle. We bring in industry experts for specialised Q&A sessions, which are also great excuses for us to eat pizza, socialise and build our tribe.

Look out for creative industry workshops coming soon, with tips to help you boost your creative and commercial skills.

Above all else, we’re 100% dedicated to our local tribes around the world. We want to get to know you, jam with you and share your stories. Our website lets you search based on location and is always evolving to be more location-friendly. If you’ve got any ideas about how we can do even more to support local communities, contact us here.