Stereotribes is launching later this year as a way to reach out and support musical communities around the world.

In the digital age, it’s never been easier for music lovers to come together and share their passion for a more melodic way of life. Likewise, the means for music makers to connect with those who want to hear them have never been more accessible.

But how do you link all this up?

We’re proud to offer the world’s first online hub for the musical creative process. From the first spark of a great idea to the final leg of your world tour, Stereotribes provides a platform to amplify your passion and discover entire new universes of awesome sounds.

We stand out from the crowd

Tribefunding is the next step for your crowdfunded project. Unlike other sites which try to apply to everyone, we’re a company entirely made up of passionate music lovers. We bring the kind of focus to the table that other, less specific sites just can’t afford to.

This focus lets us concentrate on building a tight-knit and meaningful community who share our obsession with great sounds. We bring those who love music together with those who love making it, and create an honest dialogue between the two.

Whether you’re looking to realise your dreams, help someone realise theirs or just uncover something new, we hope you’ll join us as we evolve and spread the message across the globe.

It’s about the journey

We’re not led by big music labels looking to diversify their portfolios. We’re not trying to adapt old, greedy methods to fit new media. We’re creating something that the world has never heard of before.

Stereotribes exists to give the creative process a home online. Starting from the moment of inspiration, this is a place where you can bounce ideas off other music nuts, engage with potential audiences and find the encouragement we all sometimes need.

It’s not about getting a product to sell. To us, the question is just as important as the answer. The excitement and stimulation of creating something from nothing is just as important as the final destination. It’s about the journey, and we’d love you to join us on ours.

The head honcho

CEO StereotribesOur founder, Travers Lee, is a musician, composer, producer and a lover of a wide range of musical styles. He’s performed in front of thousands of people and developed a deep understanding of the connection between performers and their audience.

His vision is to help today’s artists find a sustainable creative future. This comes from personal experience, from a guy who’s been there through the highs and lows of the whole creative process.

To do this, he created Stereotribes as a place where music makers can set up shop, gather funding and resources for their project, and engage with the vibrant communities that let them keep doing what they love.